Find an Austin Cosmetic Dentist

It’s so much easier to smile when you have a mouth full of straight, gleaming teeth. On the other hand, you tend to hold back on smiling if you’re self-conscious about the condition of your teeth. Here are two powerful and effective ways a cosmetic dentist can help bring the (beautiful) smile back to your face.

Dental Implants For Missing Or Broken Teeth

Dental implants are clever works of art a cosmetic dentist can permanently install in your mouth. They are very stable, starting with something that resembles a small screw (the implant itself) being secured in place of the root (of your former tooth). If you’ve had a tooth knocked out, decayed away or one that’s severely broken, an implant is an excellent replacement that will look identical to the rest of your teeth.

The implant will be capped with a crown, or artificial tooth once your dental professional is ready. It will be designed to match your existing teeth in color and custom fitted to that particular area of your mouth. Your oral hygiene routine will be no different than if all your teeth were “real”. However, if you’ve been living with a broken or rotted tooth for sometime, you should feel a strong sense of relief when you go to brush and floss, because the dental implant will be strong and not sensitive like you’re probably accustom to with the injured tooth.

It’s also important to note that implants will last and last, with the good majority of dental patients reporting satisfaction and success over the long-term.

Porcelain Veneers Over An Old, Dingy Or Crooked Smile

Many people notice a negative change in their teeth over time, such as a browning or yellowing. While a good clean and polish may brighten and whiten them, porcelain veneers give you brand-sparkling new teeth you have to see to believe. One of the most amazing features of veneers is that they fit right over your own real teeth, so there’s no need for multiple exactions. They will fill the gaps between teeth, reposition or resize your real teeth and of course, dramatically improve the color.

Whether you’re unhappy with the size, shape, yellowing or browning or any other feature of your teeth, having porcelain veneers fitted over them is relatively quick and painless and will provide you with a professional-grade smile – one straight out of Hollywood!

The Veneer itself is a thin, but strong piece of porcelain which is bonded to your teeth. They look and feel natural and should last for many years of beautiful smiling.

Smiling is a natural human reflex, but if you’re unhappy about the way your teeth look, your happiness is stifled! Don’t live like this – contact a cosmetic dentist about improving the condition of your teeth, so you can smile without inhibition again.